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New version of ArcelorMittal ABC Beams Calculator

Posted on 18.05.2016
ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator ABC allows the calculation of steel, partially encased, composite, or integrated beams (SFB, IFB type A and B) in cold and fire conditions. The software fully complies with EN version of Eurocode and the current state-of-the-art regarding the calculation of integrated beams.
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New version of A3C ArcelorMittal-CTICM Columns Calculator

Posted on 11.05.2016
Calculation of steel and composite columns (partially or totally encased with concrete) in cold and fire conditions. The software fully complies with EN version of Eurocode. The latest version (version 2.63) was launched in May 2016.
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Prepainted steel - a new category at Belgium's Steel Construction Awards

Posted on 13.04.2016
The 2016 edition of the Belgian Steel Construction Award includes the category "Prepainted steel" to highlight the innovative, aesthetic and correct use of this material. Projects can be submitted until June 1st 2016, the winners will be announced at the Steel Construction Day on November 15th.
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Enamelled steel and steel for enamalling

Posted on 22.03.2016
Enamelling steel is a high-tech process using highly sophisticated materials and stateof- the-art techniques. Used in many areas, enamelled steel is very popular in architectural and decorative applications. It is a material that meets very modern criteria of longevity, aesthetic qualities, hygiene and respect for the environment.
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Angelina TM beams

Posted on 15.03.2016
The Angelina TM beam offers a new architectural dimension within an environmentally friendly approach. Thanks to a reduced production time and substantial material savings, this beam meets the economic requirements of your projects. Click here and find out more about this solution!
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