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One World Trade Center New York, United States

Posted on 16.12.2014
The design of One World Trade Center is an innovative mix of architecture, safety and sustainability and expresses timeless simplicity and clarity of form. ArcelorMittal supplied structural steel shapes in Histar® grade produced in Differdange and plates from Coatesville for New York's new visual landmark, North America's highest building and the third highest in the world.
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Tour D2 in France

Posted on 08.12.2014
The D2 Tower redraws the skyline of Paris' business district and introduces steel into a world of concrete. It is the first high rise building in La Defense with an external steel grid structure and stands out with its characteristic shape and diamond façade. ArcelorMittal supplied structural steel and composite flooring deck for this elegant and efficient new tower.
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ArcelorMittal beams used to expand railway bridge in Luxembourg city

Posted on 02.12.2014
In Luxembourg's city center, a railway bridge is currently expanded in order to increase its capacity. ArcelorMittal is supplying steel beams for the construction of a new, 242 m long viaduct that will offer 2 additional tracks to the existing Pulvermühle bridge.
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Offshore wind farms built with ArcelorMittal’s quality steels

Posted on 25.11.2014
ArcelorMittal offers a wide range of quality steels for all parts of wind turbines including foundations, towers, flanges, nacelle structures, connections, gearing, bearings, and generators. But it’s in offshore wind farms where our steels face their biggest challenges including high tides, the effects of salt water, and in some locations, extremely low temperatures.
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ArcelorMittal supplies steel for world’s third largest hydroelectric dam

Posted on 18.11.2014
ArcelorMittal Brazil is supplying 50,000 tonnes of steel for the world's third biggest hydroelectric dam - the Belo Monte hydroelectric complex on the Xingu River in the Brazilian state of Pará. The plant will significantly increase the supply of renewable electricity in Brazil.
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