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xcellook®: Part of everyday life

Posted on 07.07.2015
If you are looking to create a great atmosphere for your interiors, choose xcellook®, an electrogalvanised brushed steel with a transparent coating and a natural metallic appearance. Designed for interior applications where aesthetic quality is key, xcellook® is an attractive alternative to stainless steel or aluminium.
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ArcelorMittal steel barriers save motorcyclists' lives in Czech Republic

Posted on 30.06.2015
More than 80% of all safety barriers on the Czech roads come from the Ostrava-based mill that has been producing safety barriers since 1969. For several decades the then Nová huť of Klement Gottwald, now ArcelorMittal Ostrava, has been the only manufacturer of safety barriers in the Czech Republic.
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New version of Sections and Merchant Bars - Sales Programme

Posted on 22.06.2015
ArcelorMittal Europe - Long Products has published a new version of its sales programme for Sections and Merchant Bars in English, French and German language versions. Get to know our offer of European, British, American, Japanese and Russian sections and merchant bars and learn all about our innovative solutions like cellular and SlimFloor beams.
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New version of A3C ArcelorMittal

Posted on 16.06.2015
The design software A3C allows the calculation of steel and composite columns in cold and fire conditions and fully complies with English version of the Eurocode. Its latest update (version 2.34) includes the new database of fire protection material from International Paint Ltd and considers the load application point in lateral torsion buckling checks.
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Warsaw's new underground line with ArcelorMittal steel

Posted on 04.06.2015
Since March 2015, a part of Warsaw's second underground line is operational. ArcelorMittal contributed to this project by supplying around 20.000 tn of the total of 35.000 tn of rebar required for the construction of its new stations.
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