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Granite® Quartz: A glittering, mineral textured finish

Posted on 08.10.2015
Granite® Quartz has the glinting, scintillating feel of natural minerals, with a variety of facets giving the surface finish a beautiful, crystalline look. Its excellent resistance to corrosion, UV radiation and scratches and the full spectrum of modern and classic colours makes Granite® Quartz an aesthetic steel coating for façades as well as roofing.
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HISTAR® - Structural high yield strength steel

Posted on 05.10.2015
With Histar® steels, ArcelorMittal has succeeded to create structural steels combining high yield strength with excellent toughness at low temperatures and outstanding weldability - material properties that were considered incompatible until now. Histar® is available in different steel grades.
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Granite® Cloudy gives Panamanian homes the vintage look

Posted on 28.09.2015
For home owners in Latin America, the traditional look of roofing tiles is becoming more and more important. As a cost efficient alternative to clay tiles, metal tiles with Granite® Cloudy coating is becoming increasingly popular as its cloudy effect gives roofs the vintage look the customer is looking for and stands for quality made in Europe.
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Cofrastra - composite floors with high bonding capacity

Posted on 24.09.2015
Thanks to the undercut geometry of the Cofrastra profiles, a specially high adhesion between the steel and the concrete can be achieved. A further advantage of this range of composite floor decks is the quick and easy installation of technical equipment beneath the slab thanks to an adapted fixing system.
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A skyscraper built in 19 days – with ArcelorMittal steel

Posted on 21.09.2015
The Chinese company Broad Sustainable Buildings BSB is revolutionising the construction of high-rise buildings by using a modular construction technique with steel. For the construction of the 57-storey Mini Sky City in a record-breaking 19 days, ArcelorMittal supplied 10,345 tonnes of rolled HISTAR® steel sections.
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