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Music Academy Zagreb, Croatia

Posted on 31.08.2015
The building of the Zagreb Music Academy, the city's new temple of music and icon of contemporary Croatian architecture, reunites the academy's departments under one roof after almost a century of tenancy in different locations. For its characteristic curved envelope in rainbow colours ArcelorMittal Construction supplied steel sheets with Muralys coating.
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Muralys - Digital photos on facades

Posted on 17.08.2015
With Muralys, Arval by ArcelorMittal presents a product which enables images and graphics to be integrated into façades on a large scale using printed sheet steel. Create your individual façade design by linking up technology with architectural contemplation!
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Komet® solar system: ultra-simple, high-performance and modular

Posted on 10.08.2015
Komet® a steel roof system manufactured by ArcelorMittal Construction for photovoltaic modules is designed to offer a high level of performance combined with a long-term warranty. It is the first simplified, integrated solution for mounting photovoltaic modules without the need for fixing rails and now holds a technical assessment certificate from the French construction industry body CSTB.
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Homes with Granite® Cloudy roofs in Ecuador

Posted on 03.08.2015
ArcelorMittal’s Granite® Cloudy organic coated steel has proved extremely popular in Europe for external building applications. Now Granite® Cloudy is also finding a home in South America, thanks to Kubiec-Conduit, an Ecuador-based manufacturer of roofing, profiles, pipes and tubing.
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Standing up to the elements: Magnelis® adds value to solar projects

Posted on 27.07.2015
Magnelis® is the first zinc-magnesium-aluminium steel coating to be certified for use in marine environments. The distinctive metallic composition of Magnelis® creates a stable, robust and self-healing layer across the entire surface of the metal. For operators of solar installations, Magnelis® offers more than 25 years of almost maintenance-free support.
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