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Standing up to the elements: Magnelis® adds value to solar projects

Posted on 27.07.2015
Magnelis® is the first zinc-magnesium-aluminium steel coating to be certified for use in marine environments. The distinctive metallic composition of Magnelis® creates a stable, robust and self-healing layer across the entire surface of the metal. For operators of solar installations, Magnelis® offers more than 25 years of almost maintenance-free support.
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ArcelorMittal granted with ECCA Premium® quality & sustainability label for outdoor prepainted products in Poland & Italy

Posted on 20.07.2015
The ECCA Premium® label ensures the quality and sustainability of pre-painted metals for outdoor applications. ECCA developed the label to differentiate quality products and sustainability processes which meet European standards, from inferior imports. ArcelorMittal has now received this label for its prepainted steels fabricated at the mills of Piombino and Avellino in Italy and Świętochłowice (Poland).
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Aluzinc®: aluminium-zinc coating

Posted on 14.07.2015
The metallic coating Aluzinc® is famous for its corrosion resistance and thanks to its metallic spangle very popular among architects. Combining the strength of steel, the protection of zinc and the stability of aluminium, Aluzinc® is an outstanding product in every way, respecting both the environment and the natural beauty of steel.
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xcellook®: Part of everyday life

Posted on 07.07.2015
If you are looking to create a great atmosphere for your interiors, choose xcellook®, an electrogalvanised brushed steel with a transparent coating and a natural metallic appearance. Designed for interior applications where aesthetic quality is key, xcellook® is an attractive alternative to stainless steel or aluminium.
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ArcelorMittal steel barriers save motorcyclists' lives in Czech Republic

Posted on 30.06.2015
More than 80% of all safety barriers on the Czech roads come from the Ostrava-based mill that has been producing safety barriers since 1969. For several decades the then Nová huť of Klement Gottwald, now ArcelorMittal Ostrava, has been the only manufacturer of safety barriers in the Czech Republic.
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