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  • Paris XI
  • France
  • Architect :
    a+ samueldelmas
  • 2009
  • Client:
    SEMIDEP-DFPE City of Paris
  • Engineering Firm:
  • Photographer:
    © a+ samueldelmas architectes urbanistes, Kristen Pelou,
    L'image contemporaine


  Plan ground floor
  Plan 1st floor
  Plan 2nd floor
  Plan 3rd floor
  Plan 4th floor
  Façade Details
  Façade Structure
  Product catalogue: Aluzinc®
  Product sheet: ST panels

Social Housing & Nursery School in Paris

The project of a nursery school and 12 social housing units in the XI arrondissement in Paris is a sustainable building surrounded by green spaces in the tightly knit urban context. The building's façade is made of Aluzinc® coated façade panels supplied by ArcelorMittal.

The aim of this project was to integrate the new building into the existing green spaces in order to establish a certain continuity with its surroundings of green terraces and gardens with tall trees. The building offers a child day-care centre on its ground floor and 12 social housing units on the upper levels. It is conceived like a box, with its ground floor sliding forward on the plot, opening up a courtyard for the nursery at the back of the building.  Its location at the end of the street next to a park also allowed to create a more protected forecourt for the children and enables the access to the nearby square.

Realized entirely in steel structure, the complex offers maximum flexibility for its internal organization.

The nursery on the ground floor offers a net surface of 300 m2 for 30 children. Its glazed front façade is covered by a protective filter creating the impression of cocoon-like fibre.

The residential part of the building, placed on top of the child day-care centre, creates a single, homogeneous volume thanks to its shape and façade. With a total surface of 1,000 m2, the 12 apartments vary in size and organization, offering 1 to 3 bedrooms with green terraces. Thanks to the reduced common spaces, the size of the apartments could be optimized. Each apartment has windows towards the south, east and west, offering views over the surrounding green spaces.

ArcelorMittal steel
The façade of the residential part of the building is made of steel panels. Both siding panels and shutters are made of steel panels with Aluzinc® coating supplied by ArcelorMittal.

This metallic coating, an aluminium-zinc alloy that guarantees excellent corrosion resistance, is famous for its aesthetic qualities as its reflectivity and metallic spangle make it possible to play with the sunlight and the reflections of the surrounding buildings. In order to contrast them from the siding panels, the shutters have linear perforations that let some light through even when they are closed. ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products produced the Aluzinc® coated steel that was then transformed into ST 440 panels with a hollow joint of 10 mm by ArcelorMittal Construction France.

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