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  • Oosterhout
  • Netherlands
  • Architecture & Engineering:
    Bureau Phi Breda, NL
  • 2011
  • Client
    Mauroen Vastgoed BV
  • Contractor:
    Remmers Bouw Tilburg
  • Steel cladding panels:
    SCH Holland B.V.
  • Photographer:
    Bureau Phi


  Render I
  Render II
  Render III
  Render IV
  Construction Details
  Product sheet: Granite® Cloudy

DistriFill Industrial Building & Offices

This industrial building proves once again, that functional architecture does not necessarily have to be plain and simple. In the design of this warehouse with integrated offices the aesthetics goes hand in hand with function, form and sustainability. The envelop is made of Granite® Cloudy coated steel, produced by ArcelorMittal.

Located in Oosterhout, Netherlands, this industrial complex was finished in 2011 and is now used by DistriFill, an international company specialized in the development, production and distribution of plant nutrients and organic chemicals.

The warehouse offers 5.500 sqm of storage space, suitable for both large and narrow chemical storage systems. Thanks to the building’s steel structure and the characteristics of the flooring, it is possible to introduce additional storeys in specific areas.

The warehouse is mainly dedicated to Value Added Logistic activities, the presence of sufficient natural light and views are considered in order to save electricity. Daylight enters the warehouse through triangular northern lights. On the sloped south side of the northern lights photovoltaic panels will be installed.

The office part is integrated into the warehouse and can be recognized by the curved façade within the rectangular main frame of the industrial complex. The office spaces can be freely arranged, the upper part of the façade contains a skylight to let the daylight in. The daylight enters through a glazed part in the center of the north façade that breaks through the steel cladding. The cafeteria is located in the office building, its height rising up to 9 m. It's gigantic glass' facade provides a view over the playful garden.

Granite® Cloudy

The architects’ main aesthetic requirements for the façades were to achieve a natural look, with copper and brown as preferred colours.

Since in their opinion, the standard colours (9006 and 7016) did not completely transmit the dynamics they wanted to integrate into the cladding,  they opted for Granite® Cloudy, an organic coating produced by ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe, that contains 2 shades which are blended creating a cloudy effect.

Text: Constructalia

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