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  • Groningen
  • Netherlands
  • Architect :
    VBJ Architecten, Veenendaal
  • 2009
  • Client:
    Pon Onroerendgoed, Almere
  • Photographer: Mark Sekuur


  Granite® prepainted steels
  Granite HDX- the optimum pre-painted product for corrosion resistance and colour stability

Porsche Centrum Groningen

The newly built Porsche Center not only provides a signature of modern minimalistic architecture complying with corporate design lines, but also shows the almost limitless possibilities in the design of both modern and timeless commercial buildings with the use of ArcelorMittal’s pre-coated steel.

The new Porsche Center in Groningen, The Netherlands, is situated just outside the city center, right on the beltway close to the Euroborg Stadium and the office and residential towers of the “Europapark”.

Corporate Architecture
The aim was to create a building fully complying with the company’s corporate architecture to support and reflect the prestigious, authentic car brand. Knowing well their clients, successful yet demanding car enthusiasts, Porsche showrooms are designed to be more than just a place to buy a car: an experience of all senses makes the customers immerse themselves into the world of the brand.
The company’s values are not only reflected in the car design and quality but also in the architecture and design of the new building.  Thus, when entering a Porsche showroom, feelings must be evoked: the driving experience is brought to another level.

Exclusivity & Service, Space & Transparency
The new Porsche Center in Groningen is a prime example of the consistent and thorough philosophy about its timeless brand. Designed by VBJ Architect and Surveyors, a Dutch architecture practice based in Veenendaal, it convinces with its concept of transparency and service orientation. It not only contains a Porsche showroom but also a fully equipped modern garage.

The showroom itself offers a space for at least 17 to 19 cars to be displayed, flooded with natural light thanks to its generous skylights. It is conceived like a clubhouse, transmitting clients exclusivity and making them feel at ease at the same time. A stainless steel bar in the centre contributes to informal atmosphere and makes possible waiting times more entertaining. On the first floor, the relaxing environment is enhanced by a client lounge.

Apart from space and comfort, transparency was an important issue in the design of the building. From the showroom you have a direct view of the garage with 6 spacious workstations. This way, reparations and inspections can be carried out in a short time.

Fully complying with the corporative identity and design guidelines of Porsche, the new building of the official Porsche Car dealer in North Netherlands is an example of striking, contemporary architecture reflecting the characteristics of the company: modern, with a sense of quality that meets the highest standards.

Coil coated Metal Cladding Systems
The inside functions of the building are expressed by its external facades: the showroom façade is built up with innovative Silk-C flat and curved architectural composite panels made of Granite® PVDF coil coated steel, the façade of the so called “Black Box”, the workshop, is made of Granite® HDX pre-coated metal cladding systems and a transparent ventilated rain screen system was used for the cladding of the car park. The building envelope was designed and installed, in time and well within budget, by PIB HollandGroep b.v

Sustainable construction
Like always in the design of a new building, energy efficiency had to be taken into consideration in order to achieve a major compliance with the current standards.
Most innovative technologies like economical LED lighting, heating and cooling with a heat exchanger are just a few examples of the energy-reducing measures applied in the building.

Project Information:
Architects: VBJ Architecten & Surveyers
Main Contractor: Groothuis Bouwgroep
Cladding Contractor: PIB HollandGroep b.v., Nijkerk
Cladding System: Rain screen façade, Metal Cladding and Silk-C Architectural Panels by SBC Holland Groep.
Photographer: Mark Sekuur

Text: Constructalia

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