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  • Braga,
  • Architect :
    Sua Kay Architects
  • 2007 - 2012
  • Client:
    Chamartin Imobiliaria
  • Contractor: 
    CIVAL Portugal
    Façade panels: Huurre Iberica
  • Photographer:
    Huurre Iberica


  Plan Floor 0
  Plan Floor 1
  Plan Floor 2
  Granite® Standard
  Granite® PVDF

Dolce Vita Shopping Centre, Braga

This new shopping centre in the Portuguese city of Braga offers 75.000 m2 of lettable space for retail and entertainment. Its design stands out with an organic form and a unique colour concept. The sandwich panels used for the façade are made of ArcelorMittal’s precoated steel Granite®.

The north of Portugal around the city of Braga is an economically growing area with a young, affluent population. Since the main retail offer was concentrated in the historical city centre, it was decided to build a shopping centre in its outskirts that should comprise a hypermarket, a multiplex cinema, an entertainment area with a health club, restaurants and shops.

Architecture & Colours
The building, designed by the portuguese architects Sua Kay, is characterized by its organic form and consists of 2 irregularly curved volumes of different height that are connected by an impressive staircase leading up to the entrance. The entrance area is partly covered by a suspended terrace accessible from the upper floor. On top, a suspended roof connects the volumes and protects the terrace from sun, rain and wind.

The entrance hall is naturally illuminated on all floors thanks to a glass cylinder that breaks through the roof like a lantern and lets in the daylight.

A total of 6 floors are distributed on the 2 main volumes. The left wing (seen from the entrance) has 2 subterranean floors dedicated to parking space, a retail floor (0+) which offers both parking and retails space. The entrance stairs lead to level 0, with the hypermarket in the left volume and retail space on the right. On the 1st floor, shops and entertainment space covers both volumes, whereas on the top floor the restaurants and additional space for entertainment only in the left wing.

Slightly offset from the main façade of the right volume, a tower rises into the sky like a flagpole. It makes the shopping centre visible from the surrounding highways and contains the fire stairs.

A special highlight is the colour concept of the shopping centre’s façade: Whereas one of the volumes and the suspended roof are entirely grey, the other one glistens in various contrasting colours – the pre-coated façade panels make up a lively puzzle in metallic shades.

ArcelorMittal supplied the organic coated steel for the façade panels produced by Huurre Iberica: a total of 10.000 sqm of Granite® Standard (Grey) and 7.000 sqm of Granite® Pearlescent PVDF for the colour puzzle, produced at the mills in Legasa and Avilés, Spain.

Text: Constructalia by ArcelorMittal

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