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Free Design Software
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Free downloadable design software for steel solutions

  New! ArcelorMittal Trusses + Pre-design software

The new TRUSSES+ software is dedicated to the predesign of Large Span Trusses in conformity with the European rules for steel structures (EN1993-1-1:2005).

The software can be used as an automatic predesign tool for:

- Verification: based on sections imposed by the user, TRUSSES+  checks the design criteria of each member of a truss (upper and lower chords, bracings);
- Optimization: from basic data supplied by the user (main geometry, lateral restraints and loadings), the software estimates the dimensions of the cross-section of elements of the structure.

Click on the title to download (.zip - 51, 3 MB)

  ArcelorMittal ACB+ version 3.11: Cellular Beams

UPDATED VERSION December 2016! Cellular beams design program to optimise spans and usable ceiling height. The new features include an integration of a new, single section database, improved presentation of the choice of steel grades and automatic updates via internet.

Click on the title to download (.zip - 2,50 MB)

  A3C version 2.64 ArcelorMittal-CTICM Columns Calculator

Calculation of steel and composite columns (partially or totally encased with concrete) in cold and fire conditions. The software fully complies with EN version of Eurocode. The latest version (version 2.64) was launched in June 2016.

Click on the title to download (.zip - 2,52 MB).

  ArcelorMittal ABC version 3.45: Beams Calculator

ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator ABC allows the calculation of steel, partially encased, composite, or integrated beams (SFB, IFB type A and B) in cold and fire conditions. The software fully complies with EN version of Eurocode and the current state-of-the-art regarding the calculation of integrated beams.

ABC 3.45 - updated January 2017

Click on the title to download (.zip - 4,49 MB)

  ArcelorMittal Portal+ version 1.23

Updated version: January 2016. The software was developed for the predesign of single span portal frames according to Eurocodes 3 [1].

Click on the title to download (.zip - 3,06 MB).

  Angelina Version 3.03

Design Software for ArcelorMittal's castellated beams with sinusoidal openings AngelinaTM.
The purpose of ANGELINA software is to facilitate the design of Angelina beams according to the principles of the Eurocodes. (.zip - 1,17 MB)

  ArcelorMittal ACoP v 1.02: connections

Design software to analyse and verificate joint configuration and connections in steel structures. The calculation are based on the standards as described in Eurocode 3 Revised Annexe - J.
Click on the title to download (zip - 14,2 MB)

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