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Free preliminary design software of bridges

  ArcelorMittal AcoBri version 5.01

The new version of ACOBRI (ArcelorMittal COmposite BRIdges) permits the user easy and quick pre-design of several types of road, railway and foot-bridges with rolled sections, for instance standard composite as well as partially prefabricated cross-sections or PreCoBeam (PREfabricated COmposite BEAM).

Among many possibilities, it includes the design of railway bridges with filler beam decks (WIB), according to Eurocodes standards. Based on a finite elements grid model of the bridge, the bending moments and shear forces are assessed for permanent loads as well as for live loads. The checks under ultimate and serviceability limit states, as well as fatigue limit states are carried out, focusing on the predesign of the composite girders.

Click on the title to download (.zip - 22,30 MB).

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