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Coated steel – a resistant, aesthetic and cost-efficient solution for modern roofing systems

Both prepainted and metallic coated steels are an ideal solution for aesthetic, resistant and cost-attractive roofs. Find out here why the use of steel for roofing is advantageous in comparison to other materials and get to know ArcelorMittal's recommended best-in-class coated steel products for the different types of steel roofing systems.

UPE: a new range for lighter structures and easier assembly

With their U sections, smaller thicknesses and wider, parallel flanges, the products in the UPE range area are a good replacement for the UPN ranges. UPE is associated with lightness, strength, economy and efficiency. This article presents the advantages of the UPE sections in respect to shape, weight and specific resistance.

Steel in Construction: Life Cycle Analysis and Module D

LCA - Life cycle analysis or assessment, now a common method for all resources and products, is of course also important for steel in construction. ArcelorMittal is fully committed to promoting the sustainability of steel. LCAs in the construction industry will now include the so called "Module D".

Enamelled steel - The timeless material for contemporary architecture

Enamel has been part of human life for thousands of years. Today architects, artists and designers have the opportunity to realise exceptional architectural designs which will last through the ages. Using ArcelorMittal’s range of enamelling steels you can create striking structures which will endure for 50 years and more.

Everyone in the solar system wants Magnelis®

Steel is already the material of choice for the support structures of more than 90% of the world’s ground-mounted photovoltaic energy generation systems. ArcelorMittal’s Magnelis® coating is ensuring that those installations will continue to generate clean, renewable energy for up to 25 years.

Introducing the metallic coatings of today and of the future

Corrosion is a problem which costs our economy billions each year. While almost all materials are affected by corrosion, ArcelorMittal’s revolutionary new coating Magnelis® will ensure that steel solutions resist year after year.

Flood Defences on River Thames

Deptford Creek is a tributary of the Thames in London inside the Thames Barrier. In order to protect an estimated 33 000 households from flooding, the Environment Agency identified five Wharves along Deptford Creek for immediate replacement. The innovative solution, proposed by Jacobs / Volker Stevin, consists of a steel sheet pile and HP bearing piles.

Extension of the Geric supermarket in Thionville

This new Geric supermarket and car park structure are really innovative structures for the French market. The construction techniques used for this project are applying the last innovations in term of structural calculation and fire engineering.

Steel giants from Differdange for a composite bridge in Germany

For the construction of a composite bridge crossing a railway line in Germany, ArcelorMittal produced one of the longest steel beams ever rolled and fully-finished at its Differdange mill in Luxembourg. 460 tonnes of heavy beams, tailor-made for this project – a challenge in various aspects!

M25 London Orbital Motorway

Since the M25, The Orbital Motorway around the British capital, has been suffering from increasing traffic in the last years, in 2009 it was decided to add a 4th running lane in the section northwest of London. ArcelorMittal sheet piles were used for the permanent retaining wall along the motorway.

Structure, Facade and fire safety in Multi-storey Car Parks

The use of high strength steel for columns permits a reduction of their size, cladding has to ensure optimum ventilation, an essential fact when calculating fire saftety. Natural light is a key element for the users' comfort and perception of space but also crucial for the building's energy consumption. A car park is subjected to many functional requirements, but at the same time architectural aesthetics is more and more important.

Muti-storey Car Parks Made in Steel

The use of steel in multi-storey car parks offers many advantages: optimum use of space by the user thanks to large spaces and reduced structural obstructions; quick and economical construction; design versatility, allowing the architect to add aesthetics to the car park.

Steel solutions and Fire safety engineering for Building Rue de Hollerich

12 January 2011 saw the opening of the Fonds du Logement building in the Rue de Hollerich in Luxembourg City. This building with a 71-metre facade and 8350 m2 floor area demonstrates the versatility of steel: attractive and economic solutions for various types of applications such as car parks, apartments, shops and offices and in particular the extensive array of solutions for fire-resistant steel structures.

Heavy duty industrial floors in steel fibre concrete

Industrial floors are the most heavily stressed elements in a `whole construction´. As a rule, warehouses, production facilities and connected open spaces are heavily used and different effects are revealed. Through extensive planning and the use of corresponding ready-made steel fibre concrete, an industrial floor can become a maintenance-free and durable structural element.

Let enamelled steel brighten your day

For many years enamelled steel has mostly been associated with cooking pots and pans, bathtubs and shower trays. There are indeed very few materials around that can rival enamelled steel for durability, cleanliness and hygiene. That may explain the relatively new interest of architects and property developers in this material for architectural façades, hygienic wall cladding, tunnel walling and interior decoration.

Luxembourg’s World Expo Pavilion showcases weathering steel

Since its opening in May 2010, a record number of people visited the World Expo in Shanghai, China. One of the most striking buildings on the 5.3 km2 site was the national pavilion of Luxembourg. Designed by architect Francois Valentiny, the pavilion utilises weathering steel to create a dramatic dialogue between the Expo visitor and nature.

Steel solution for railway construction

HSL-Zuid is a 125 km-long high-speed railway line between the Netherlands and Belgium. Together with the Belgian HSL 4 it forms the Schiphol - Antwerp High-Speed Line. Growing numbers of travellers will find in the HSL an environmentally friendly alternative to driving or flying. ArcelorMittal Profil Luxembourg S.A. rolled all the sheet piles used for the construction of the High Speed Line at its Luxembourg mill.

KUBIK - an experimental building for sustainable construction and energy efficiency

The experimental building KUBIK uses pioneering research and development focussing on sustainable construction and energy efficiency. It forms part of a Spanish investigation project led by Tecnalia Corporación Tecnológica with the support of ArcelorMittal R&D.

The Soccer City Stadium and its structural design

In addition to our brandnew case study on the Soccer City Stadium, this article presents more details about the structure of the FIFA World Cup's main venue.

Slim Floor - The innovative flooring system

Less planning effort, considerable saving of weight, shorter construction times, flexible spatial use and savings on cost - our flooring solution Slim Floor provides a whole range of advantages for your project.

The steel structure of Area 22

The multipurpose building built in Rovereto (Italy), Area 22, contains interesting technological steel solutions, which makes it a symbolic project in Italy: the steel used for the structure is high-strength steel, for the flooring Integrated Floor Beams (IFB) have been used.

Composite flooring solution in Patershof - steel deck & extra light concrete

The site of the Hotel Martin's Patershof - the result of renovating and transforming a church into a four star hotel - was the first to implement an innovative solution combining composite flooring / lightweight concrete, namely Cofraplus 77 LS, with Argex concrete consisting of expanded clay aggregates.

Natural Fire Safety Concept - a fire resistance assessment case history

Gian Carlo Giuliani, structural engineer at Redesco, presents the main theory on the fire resistence calculation for structures through the presentation of a case study: the steel structure of a commercial center in Cyprus.

Innovation in Earthquake Resistant Design (INERD) - an antiseismic concept

The INERD concept is an additional constructive system independent of analysis and design that can be applied to reinforced concrete frame structures. The particular objective of the INERD system is to avoid progressive failure, i.e. a chain in which a local failure generates a global failure out of proportion with the original local problem.

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