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Extreme Housing

If you can create affordable, energy efficient housing that minimizes climate change emissions and withstands temperature extremes, you are invited to take part of the 3rd Living Steel International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing.

Judged by some of the leading architects around the world, total prizes and honoraria is €100,000, with the winning design being awarded €50,000.

The winning architects will have the opportunity to utilize the exceptional qualities of steel to construct their design in Cherepovets, Russian Federation, known for its extreme temperature ranges, from -49 C to +34 C. The homes constructed from the winning designs will be part of a community for use by employees of Russian steel maker, SeverStal JSC, headquartered in Cherepovets.

Expressions of interest must be received until 28 April 2008.

Competition Format

The third competition includes a two-part challenge each with a winner and prize. Ten teams of two architects each will be short-listed as competition finalists. The ten short-listed teams will be given the project brief and one month to put together their ideas for efficient, sustainable housing that fits the location specifications. These teams will be flown to Helsinki, Finland, where they will present their concepts to the competition's Jury on 26-27 June 2008. The Jury will select a winning team who will be awarded the Jury Prize of €50,000 and the opportunity to see their design come to reality.

In addition, a two-day workshop will follow on 28-29 June in Helsinki where the teams will be joined together in groups and tasked with master planning of the community development. The groups will present their plans to each other and then vote which group offered the best solution. The winning group will share the €20,000 Architects' Prize.

Each of the ten competition teams will be awarded a €3,000 honorarium, as well as have their travel costs to Helsinki paid by Living Steel.

The competition event in Helsinki will conclude with an awards dinner on 29 June 2008 and the announcement of the winners of the Jury Prize and Architects' Prize.  


Winning design Jury Award: €50,000
Architect's Award: €20,000
Honorarium: €3,000 for each team plus expenses paid in Helsinki, Finland.

Who Can Enter?

The competition is open to:

Qualified architects registered with the relevant professional body in the Russian Federation where the competition building is to be built,
Qualified architects registered with the relevant professional body in other jurisdictions, or
Students of architecture enrolled in a recognized programme of architectural studies on the provision the other member of the competition team meets admissions criteria.

Demonstration building construction

The 3rd International Architecture Competition follows two other successful Living Steel competitions that are entering the demonstration building construction stage in Brazil, China, India, Poland and the United Kingdom.

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