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Indaten ®: weathering steel

Indaten® is steel with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion. When used uncoated and in the case of exposure to bad weather, a protective layer develops on the steel surface. That is why this steel is often called 'the weathering steel'. Once the oxidation process is stabilised, the 'patina' presents a purplish-brown colour and a finely grained aspect. It also constitutes a protective barrier. No maintenance is needed and the material will not degrade through corrosion. Life cycle costs are thus reduced. 

Indaten® has a wide range of applications: architecture, sculpture, structural works, industrial chimneys, freight wagons, silos, containers and pylons.

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions: from 1.5 to 16 mm thick. For thinner thickness please get in touch with us.
Mill finish: pickled up to 7 mm thickness.
Surface preparation: pickling and degreasing in order to obtain a finely grained patina. 
Coating: excellent adhesion of organic coating. The protective layer prevents rust propagation under the paint layer.
Assembling: by welding or riveting and bolting with Indaten® or Stainless Steel parts.
Welding: excellent weldability with all the usual welding processes.


Indaten® 355A
EN 10155:1993/EN 10025-5:2005 - S355J0WP
ASTM A242 -  Grade A/A606 T2/A606 T4
JIS G3114 - SMA 50AW
Indaten® 355D
EN 10155:1993/EN 10025-5:2005 - S355J2W

Recommendations: not to be exposed neither to condensation or repeated soiling -free chlorine environment- nor to a marine atmosphere.

  Indaten® - Technical Data sheet
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