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Steel wire and strands for prestressed concrete

Prestressing wire and strands are used in bridges, cryogenic storage, industrial, commercial and residential buildings where safety is critical. Designing, producing and promoting prestressing products of an increasing quality has always been a daily preoccupation for ArcelorMittal WireSolutions.

Prestressed concrete uses much less materials than reinforced concrete: savings can reach 40% of the overall mass! Longer spans, thinner and lighter parts allow a reduction in number of piles, height of buildings, consumption of energy in freight and handling, therefore CO2 emissions.

ArcelorMittal WireSolutions offers a complete range:

Plain and indented for pipes, 2 or 3 wires, plain or indented, 7 wires plain or indented, unbonded and stay cables.

Wire strands according to EN 10138 and ASTM A 416
Wires according to EN 10138 and ASTM A 421

See the brochure below for technical datas and specifications:

  Wire and strands for prestressing concrete (EN -.pdf)
  Wire and strands for prestressing concrete (RU - pdf)
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