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Train rails

The rails and track fittings manufactured by ArcelorMittal are not only supplied to the European market, but exported throughout the world for high speed tracks, heavy haul tracks, urban transport systems, etc.

The experience, technology and guaranteed quality of the rails manufactured by ArcelorMittal allow us to offer:

- A variety of sizes from 40 kg/m to 80 kg/m
- A wide range of steel grades to international standards or to the customers’ own technical specifications, both for the construction of new tracks and for revamping existing ones
- Possibility to manufacture any new type of rail (4,000 tonnes minimum)
- Rails with very strict dimensional tolerances for high speed tracks
- One-piece rails up to 90 metres long
- Long welded rails (up to 288 metres)
- Asymmetric rails

High Speed Lines
ArcelorMittal supplies rails that comply with the requirements for rails for speeds over 350 km/h: Excellent reliability, geometrical precision, strict flatness tolerance and the highest quality are guaranteed. ArcelorMittal provides rails for High-speed Lines in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, etc.

Public and Urban transport
High service frequency and difficult topography (curves, steep gradients, short accelerating & braking distances) are the characteristics for underground and intercity lines. ArcelorMittal supplies rails for the public transport system in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Brasilia, Caracás, Medellín, etc.

Heavy haul lines
With the long tra¡ns and heavy loads these lines require rails with high wear resistance and high fatigue failure resistance. They are usually made of hard and clean microalloyed steels or are head-heardened .

Light railway lines
Usually temporarily installed lines

Switches and crossovers
ArcelorMittal is a world-class rail manufacturer for switches through the production of switch bars of up to 90 m from special assymmetric rails.

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