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U Sections - AU / PU / GU Sheet Piles

Characteristics of U piles:

- A wide range of sections forming several series with various geometrical characteristics, offering the choice of the section technically and economically best suited for a specific project.

- The combination of great wave depth with big flange thickness giving excellent statical properties.

- The symmetrical form of the single element has made these sheets particulary convenient for re-use.

- The possibility of assembling and crimping the piles to pairs in the mill provides an improvement of the installation quality and performance.

- Easy fixing of tie-rods and swivelling attachments, even under water.

- Good corrosion resistance, the biggest steel thickness lying on the outer part of the geometry.

  U sections dimensions and characteristics


The standards we normally refer to regarding steel grades for hot-rolled sheet piles is EN 10248 Part 1. The mechanical properties and chemical composition are shown in the table below.

  Steel grades for Hot Rolled Sections

Materials to other specifications, such as special steels, steel with an improved corrosion resistance, or copper addition in accordance with EN 10248 Part 1 Chapter 10.4 can be supplied on request.

Grade A 690 with higher yield strength upon request.

AMLoCor - New corrosion resistant steel grade for marine applications
AMLoCor, ArcelorMittal’s new ‘low corrosion’ steel grade will undoubtedly revolutionize the design of port structures. One concern of designers and port authorities is the durability of marine structures like quay walls, breakwaters, jetties.

The main advantage of AMLoCor is a significant reduction of the corrosion rates in the ‘Low water zone’ and in the ‘Permanent immersion zone’, especially since in most cases the maximum bending moments, and consequently the steel stresses, are in the permanent immersion zone.

  AMLoCor - Brochure (1.87 MB)
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