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Equal leg angles: L 300 x300 and L 250 x 250

Aimed principally for girder pylons, towers for wind power mills, power pylons and antenna pylons and many other applications, ArcelorMittal is now offering new hot rolled equal leg angles.

With a leg length of up to 300 mm and material thickness from 18 up to 35 mm, other material thicknesses are possible upon agreement.

  Brochure: Equal leg angles L 300 x300 and L 250 x 250

Truss girder
Increasing rotor shaft height, wind energy efficiency increases significantly. The height of tubular towers is limited to approx. 100 m due to its construction type whereas truss pylon  can be built higher and more economically; cable stayed steel truss pylons, for example, can reach more than 500 m.

The largest angles until now, L 250 x 250, achieved with the 2.5MW installation in Laasow (D), were at the limits of feasibility. Now with L 300 x 300, wind power mills with much higher rotor shaft are possible and further potential of wind energy can now be better harnessed.

Delivery conditions
- Dimensions in accordance with table overleaf.
- Steel grade S355M according to EN 10025-4: 2004. • Rolling tolerances according EN 10056-2: 1994. • Surface conditions according EN 10163-3: 2004, class C, sub-class 1.
- Mill certification type to be agreed at time of order. 
- CE-marking. • Minimum order: 20t per section and grade or upon agreement.

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