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  Arval Material Selection Guide

Projects with Arguin:

  Neurospin Research Centre, France


The aesthetic façade profile Arguin charms by its pleasing shapes, achieved by tightly woven micro-bending.

A design which is perfectly suited to the latest architectural trends, highlighting the areas of relief and depth.

The decorative envelope can be applied for façades, roofings or indoor walls. Made in elements of 2650x550 maximum, the height of the ribs is 7mm.


Length: 3950 mm max.
Width: 550 mm max. (22 waves with 25 mm distance)
The shape of the waves does not permit any vertical joints, in order to preserve the continuity of the façade, partitions have to be installed.
Height of the waves: 7 mm
Loads: 10 kg/m² in steel 10/10 and 3,5 kg/m² in aluminium 10/10.

For stainless steel with elastic limits below  320N/mm² allowable loads should be reduced  proportionnally. 


1) Steel:
- Galvanized in accordance with standard P34-310-grade S.320 GD+Z.225 Thickness 1 mm. Pre-lacquered quality HD 25, THD 35, PVDF 35, DURANAR XL or XL PLUS 50 to 60µm depending on colors in compliance with Standard P 34-301. Post lacquered by POLYESTER powdering in accordance with standard NF P 24-351.

- Stainless, in compliance with Standard NF EN 10088-2- grade X5 Cr Ni 18-10 or X2 Cr Ni Mo 17-12-2 Thickness: 1mm.

2) Colors and finishings:
PMA has to be questioned on different colors and finishings:
- Pre-lacquered steel: color-chart COLORISSIME PAB with standard, pearly and metallized colors.
- Post-lacquered steel by powdering: color chart  RAL

Note: In a context of pollution risks or particular environment a questionnaire of environment is at your disposal prior to any study.

3) Profile:
- Effective width: 550 mm maximum (22 step of 25 mm each).
- Maximal length: 2650 mm.
- Wave height: 7 mm.
- The shape of the wave does not allow to connect panels by overlapping.

Photo: Bordeaux Airport, architect M. Arsène Henry.


This product may be used wherever the grading Mo is required.


An adjustable and adjusted subframe is systematically required for fixing the Arguin panels. This subframe is made in accordance with specifications CSTB n° 3194 - "Conditions générales de conception et de mise en œuvre de l´ossature métallique et de l´isolation thermique des bardages rapportés".

Panels fastenings on subframe are made in accordance with the « Règles professionnelles pour la fabrication et la mise en œuvre des bardages métalliques », appendix B IV.

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