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Baïne's characteristic sinus waves highlight facades, roofs as well as interiors:
It is produced in panels of a maximum length of 720 mm and wave height of 30 mm, vertical partitions break the continuity and create contrast, furthermore they act as a support frame for the fixing.

Availbale in stainless steel, precoated steel or aluminium, Baïne can be easily adapted to your needs.


Thickness (mm) 1 (steel)  / 1 (aluminium)
weight (kg/m²) 14,4 (steel) / 5,0 (aluminium)


1. Steel:

grade: S320GD, according to P34-310
- thickness: 1mm
- prepainted with Polyester

2. Stainless steel
Grade X5 Cr Ni 18-10 or X5 Cr Ni Mo 17-12-2 according to NF EN 10088-2, mat, brushed or gloss

3. Aluminium
- grade: alloy 3003,
- Thicknesses: 1mm and 1.2mm
- Polyester/PVDF prepainting
- postpainted with polyester powerd, min. thickness, 60mic.

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