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The slightly overlapping steel sheets imitate scales and provides façades with texture.

Technical characteristics

Steel :
Grade S320 GD.
- Pre-lacquered quality HD25, THD 35, PVDF 35, DURANAR XL or XL PLUS 50 to 60 µm depending on colors in compliance with standard P34-301.
- Post-lacquered by POLYESTER powdering in accordance with standard  NF P 24-351.

Stainless :
Grade X5 Cr Ni 18-10 ou X5 Cr Ni Mo 17-12-2 , in compliance with standard NF EN 10088-2.
Mat, brushed or gloss aspect (ArcelorMittal Construction consultation necessary). Eventually pre-lacquered COLORINOX PVDF 35µ.

Colors and Finishings:

Please contact ArcelorMittal Construction on different colors and finishings available.
- Pre-lacquered steel: color-chart COLORISSIME ArcelorMittal Construction with standard, pearly and metallized colors.
- Post-lacquered steel by powdering: color-chart RAL.

Note: In a context of aggressive atmosphere or particular environment we hold at your disposal a questionnaire of environment preliminary to any study.

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