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The mirror effect of ECAILLE is a genuine "trompe l'oeil" which both increases and enhances space. The outside decor is "mounted" on these metallic folds, with the aesthetic effect further enhanced by the absence of fastenings.

Technical characteristics

Steel: Galvanized in accordance with standard P34-310 - grade S320 GD + Z225. Pre-lacquered quality HD25, THD 35, PVDF 35, DURANAR XL or XL PLUS 50 to 60µm depending on colors in compliance with Standard P34-301. Post-lacquered by POLYESTER powdering in accordance with standard NF P24-351.

Stainless steel:
In compliance with Standard NF EN 10088-2 - grade X5 Cr Ni 18-10 or X5 Cr Ni Mo 17-12-2.
Mat, brushed or gloss aspect (ArcelorMittal Construction consultation necessary).
Eventually pre-lacquered  COLORINOX PVDF 35µm.

Colors and Finishings: Consult us for feasibility
- Pre-lacquered steel: color-chart  COLORISSIME PAB with standard, pearly and metallized  colors.
- Post-lacquered steel by powdering: color-chart RAL

Note: In a context of aggressive atmosphere or particular environment  a questionnaire of envionment  is at your disposal prior to any study.


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