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Hairplan 300

With its completely even surface Hairplan 300 is an aesthetic as well as economical siding panel.

Thanks to its invisible fixing system its even surface allows high quality façade cladding.

The simple assembly permits fast installation on site and contributes to reducing the construction time.

Hairplan 300 can be used as double or simple cladding. 

Mechanical Properties:
- Thickness mm: 1.00
- Weight in kg/m²:   12.56
- Length min: 1.90 m
- Length max: 10.00 m
- Width: 300mm

Hairplan 300 can be fixed onto bricks, concrete and steel beams.

Hairplan Deco

In order to achieve an acoustic performance the Hairplain Façade elements are also available with perforations. They can be used in the interiors for the envelope of floors, walls and partitions.

Colours and Coatings
Select your colour and coating from our Arval Selection Guide. (see link on the right)

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