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Enamelled steel & steel for enamalling

A traditional material for modern living

Enamelling steel is a high-tech process using highly sophisticated materials and stateof- the-art techniques.

Used in many areas, enamelled steel is very popular in architectural and decorative applications. It is a material that meets very modern criteria of longevity, aesthetic qualities, hygiene and respect for the environment.

With its almost unlimited range of colours, screen-printing possibilities and wide range of surface textures is fulfils all aesthetic requirements for architecture and decoration, due to its excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, pollution, fire, etc the material does not lose its colours and gloss.

In architecture, enamelled steel can be used in the interiors of public places, such as stations, airports, metro stations and other buildings: 

- As a wall-covering and for false ceilings, partitions and lifts, as a nonflammable and easy-to-clean material

- In clean rooms in hospitals, where its anti-bacteriological properties, moisture resistance and ease of cleaning are invaluable

- Enamelled steel can also be used as a cladding for buildings, since it is weather and UV resistant, lightweight, and can offer virtually unlimited scope for decoration.

ArcelorMittal offers different steels for the enamelling process:

- Cold-rolled steels for direct-on enamelling Solfer®
- Cold rolled steels for two coat and one fire enamelling
- Hot rolled steels for one side enamelling
- Alusi®Bec/ Alusi®Bea: steels with aluminium-silicon coating for enamelling

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