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Granite® organic coatings for façades

ArcelorMittal’s organic coated Granite® range comprises a series of organic coated products, covering all possible applications for the outdoor building market.

The grades of the steel substrates available, combined with the properties of the Granite® coating, make these products attractive alternatives that meet all the requirements of the construction sector:

- aesthetic quality
- flexibility
- surface hardness
- coating adhesion
- corrosion & UV resistance

As part of ArcelorMittal's NATURE range, Granite® is 100% sustainable and does not contain hexavalent chromium or heavy metals.

  Health & Sustainability Certificate

Our selection guide helps you find the coating that best suits your needs!

  Organic coated steels - Selection Guide

The substrate for Granite® are galvanized steel, or other metallic coated steels with a layer of flexible paint on two sides consisting on an anticorrosive priming lacquer and a high or very high-durability resin.

There are three surface appearances:
- smooth (Granite® HD, Farm, HDS)
- matt (Granite® HDS) or
- grainy (Granite® HDS and HDX)

Backing Coats
Granite® is available with backing coat. It offers a full range of specific properties: foam adherence, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance. See the backing coat data sheet:

  Backing coats data sheet


ArcelorMittal’s Granite® range comprises a series of standard organic coated products for roofing and cladding.

Granite® Standard
Good corrosion resistance and good formability, smooth surface appearance
Basic coating for outdoor applications like cladding, roofing & accessories.

Granite® HD
Good UV resistance, good corrosion resistance and good formability, smooth and grained surface appearance, used for cladding, roofing, accessories and insulated panels.

Granite® HDS
Very good UV resistance, good corrosion resistance, good formability, and high durability polyester, smooth and grained surface appearance, used for cladding, roofing, accessories and insulated panels.

Granite® HDX

Very good UV resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, very good colour stability, very good formability and robust coating; grained surface appearance, for outdoor applications like cladding, roofing, etc in harsh environmental conditions.


This range of Granite® organic coated steels is designed for outdoor applications for the building market and comprises a number of speciality products. These products meet all the requirements of this market in terms of original surface finish and end-use properties.

Granite® PVDF
Excellent colour and surface appearance stability, good corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance, smooth surface, for cladding & roofing in architectural buildings & buildings in aggressive environment.

Granite® Farm
Very good chemical resistance (inner surface), good UV resistance, smooth surface appearance, apt for roofing and cladding in rural areas (agricultural buildings).

Granite® Wood
A special wood imitation for façades: good colour and stability of appearance, good corrosion resistance, very good UV resistance.

Granite® Silky Mat
Textured finishes for elegant façades in 11 natural colours: the 35 micron paint system offers excellent formability, robustness and scratch resistance.

Granite® Impression
A 35 micron paint system with three unique printed impressions: Snake, Elephant & Agate. Resistant, formable and durable, it is especially suited for prestigious façades.

Granite® Quartz
A 45 micron paint system with a unique crystalline finish, excellent corrosion & UV resistance and a spectrum of classical & modern colours for outstanding & glittering façades.

Granite® Silky Shine
A flexible 50 micron paint system with a glossy and brilliant finish available in 7 elegant colours, exceptional UV resistance and colour stability, excellent formability.


ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe’s Granite® standard range of organic coated steels are available in a rich diversity of colours to suit your taste and your budget.

Photo: Clipsol, Aix-les-Bains (France) ©Tom  D´Haenens

  Colour chart Granite® and Estetic®


A natural wash of the organic coated surfaces by atmospheric rainfall shall normally be assured in order to prevent any clogging that may be detrimental to their appearance (dust deposits etc).

For walls and roof surfaces that are not naturally washed by rainfall, regular maintenance is compulsory, with the following minimum frequency:
- An annual washing without the use of abrasive or aggressive products;
- Systematic and immediate treatment of any parts that, for various reasons, show initial signs of corrosion.

Photo: Gymnase de Grenoble (France) - Photo Tom D'Haenens

  Maintenance Manual for Organic Coated Steels
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