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Hot dip galvanised steel


Steel with a pure zinc coating.

This is hot or cold-rolled steel with a zinc coating applied by a continuous hot-dip galvanising process, which gives excellent corrosion resistance and very good formability.

It is produced with a very wide range of qualities: mild steels for bending and drawing, structural steels, and steels with a very high yield strength.
It is available as sheet or coiled steel in thicknesses from 0.20mm to 6.35mm and widths from 80cm to 188cm depending on the substrate used.

Coating thicknesses range from Z80 (80µ both sides) to Z900 (900µ both sides).

It is joined by welding, clinching or adhesive bonding.
Options: Surface appearance, finished surface, passivation, oiling.
Can be protected by a thin dry organic film (Easyfilm®).

Building in Chanteloup les Vignes, France,Architect: P Cremonini and C Lauvergeat.

  Hot dip galvanised steel - Technical Details
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