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Muralys - Digital photos on facades

With Muralys, you can go right to the heart of innovation by linking up technology with architectural contemplation.

Decorating a façade or dressing an interior can be achieved via the Muralys process by sending digital photos, drawings or texts to the very heart of thermosetting coating on outer or inner wall cladding.

This new medium supported by Molecular Digital-Transfer (TNM) increments spaces where exclusive customized visual environments can be imagined and brought to life.

Feel free with your colours and decorative effects and be bold enough to imprint them on space and mind; Arval is here to transpose your graphic universe into images.

Steel, Aluminium… Facings of up to 70 mm thick can be used

- One-stop, small, average and big series
- Maximum width 1800 mm, maxi length 6000 mm, maxi thickness 70 mm
- Validation procedure before manufacturing the prototype

Product integrity
- Guaranteed 10 years for external applications - provided there is compliance with the procedure concerning the display of the dated reference sample
- Anti-graffiti performance

Photo: Retail Park Agrippa, France

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