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Pflaum fire resistant panel Type FO

The fixation of this fire resistant panel is clearly apparent and visible.

The insulation core made of non-flammable mineral fibre strands is bonded transversely to the cover shells. Free from thermal bridges! While the insulation can collapse with multi-layered wall constructions, this is impossible with Pflaum rockwool composite panels.

Panel thickness from 60 to 220 mm.

  Sections Pflaum FO


Panel Structure:
External and Internal Cover Shell: Galvanised steel 0.55/ 0,60 / 0,63 / 0.75 mm according to EN 10147 (275g/m2 zinc).

Insulation core: Mineral fibre strands bonded transversely to the steel surfaces, waterrepellent and non-flammable, class A1. Density ≥ 140 kg/m3.

Sealing tape:
For tongue and groove joint, depending on fire resistance classification. (Please contact our technical department for further information)

Surfaces: Corrosion protection class according to KIII / E-DIN 55928 part 8.

External: Polyester coating 25 μm or PVDF special coating on request. Internal: Polyester coating 12 μm and Polyester coating 25 μm or PVDF special coating on request.
Corrosion protection class according to DIN EN 10169, RC3/RC5.

Cover Widths: 600, 915, 1000, 1100 and 1200 mm
Lengths: Lengths are available up to 15,500 mm, depending on element thickness.
Note: Due to the surface contours you have to add 3 mm to the standard thickness from 60 to 250 mm for panels of type LD, VD, MD and WD. (e.g. type FO-WD/0/100 = 103 mm).

Certificates Serien F:
National approvals, examination certificates and attestations are available on request. Requirements concerning fire resistance class must be quoted on your inquiry.

Tolerances: Quality assurance according to RAL-GZ617.

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