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Thanks to its positive and negative stamping and its perforations, OXYGEN brings a new and original dimension to the façade: the third dimension.

The technical innovation lies in the manufacturing technique which, for the first time, uses aeronautical stamping techniques to make coverings for spectacular façades.

This innovative product is Arval's response to a demand for architectural creativeness that makes rendering with unstructured material possible: the third dimension, the play of light on the depths, the use of a material that makes the façade active and vibrant.

Implemented in stainless steel, this cladding can also serve as a sunshade.

Since this product can be used as a sunshade, it contributes to the reduction of energy consumption and improves comfort.


The cassettes of the OXYGEN system are made from stainless steel 4301, 10/10ths thick, weigh approximately 9.10 kg/m2 and are delivered with a protective film.

The perforations are of the R8 T 12 type. The stamping pattern includes 15 positive spheres, 8 negative spheres, 12 negative half spheres on the edges and 4 negative quarter-spheres in the corners.

The cassettes include four returns on their periphery. Of these, the vertical returns comprise wings brought back on to stainless steel reinforcements, divided up into the forms of the stamping and fixed by spot welding.


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