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ST Lumière

ST LUMIERE 300 provides any roof or façade with a new dimension and protects from direct sunlight.

Straight or wreathed, they ensure flowing lines and shapes for the structure created by the designer.

Reaction to fire grading: This product may be used wherever the grading M0 is required.

Fastenings & subframe: The ST LUMIERE model must be fixed on a secondary adjusted frame.


Thickness (mm): 1,0
Mass (kg/m²): from 11,00 to 11,50 according to finishing.

Allowable loads in normal climatic stress in daN/m² for panel in steel 10/10°.

For stainless steel with elastic limits lower than  320 N/mm² it will be necessary to apply a coefficient of reduction on the working loads and to limit the range to 2 m.


1) Steel:
- Galvanized in accordance with P 34-310 - grade S 320 GD + Z 225. Thickness: 1mm, 1,2mm and 1,5mm. Pre-lacquered quality HD 25, THD 35, PVDF 35, DURANAR XL or XL PLUS 50 to 60mm depending on colors in accordance with Standards P 34-301. Post-lacquered by POLYESTER powdering in accordance with Standards NF P 24-351.
- Stainless grade X5 Cr Ni 18-10 or X2 Cr Ni Mo 17-12-2 in accordance with NF EN 10088-2. Mat, brushed or gloss aspect (PMA consultation necessary). Eventually pre-lacquered COLORINOX PVDF 35µm. Thickness: 1mm and 1,2mm.

2) Aluminium sheet:
- Pre-lacquered, grade 3005 H44 or 3103 H44 in accordance with NF A 50-452. Pre-lacquered POLYESTER 25mm ,PVDF 25mm or DURANAR XL or XL PLUS 50 to 60mm in accordance with NF P 34-601. Thickness 1,5mm and 2mm.
- Post-lacquered, grade 1050 H24 or 5005 H24 in accordance with NF A 50-451. Post-lacquered only POLYESTER powdering  (Thickness Mini 60 mm) in accordance with NF P 24-351. Thickness: 1,5mm and 2mm.

3) Colors and Finishings:
PMA has to be questionned on different colors and finishings:
- Pre-lacquered steel: color-chart COLORISSIME PAB with standard, pearly and metallized colors.
- Post-lacquered by powdering: color chart RAL.
- Pre-lacqered aluminium: color chart ALCAN.
- Post-lacquered aluminium: color chart RAL.

Nota: In a context of agressive atmosphere or particular environment a questionnaire of environment has to be made prior to any study.

4) Profile:
Effective width: 300 mm ± 1 mm.
Nominal height: 30 mm for strip in classical finishing.
Unit of perforation:  61,1 to 61,4 mm (Length to the multiple of this module).

5) Options:
- Heigth of profile to 60 mm in classical finishing.
- Possibility strips in copper, mi-hard and hard. Thickness 1,2 and 1,5 mm.
- Possibility strips in zinc, thickness 1 and 1,2 mm.

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