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KRYBAR®: Reinforcement bar for cryogenic applications

KRYBAR® is a concrete reinforcement bar developed on demand of the LNG industry in order to provide concrete reinforcing steel for safest cryogenic applications.

Since 1980, KRYBAR® has continuously been improved and adapted to the expanding requirements of the growing LNG industry and design companies.

One of the major concerns is to provide a maximum degree of safety during the whole life cycle of the tanks.

For the different design temperatures which can be met in the construction of gas tanks, there is an adapted product:

LNG tank with a design temperature of -165·C: KRYBAR® -165
ETHYL tank with a design temperature of -105·C: KRYBAR® -105
LPG tank with a design temperature of -50·C: KRYBAR® -50

meets the requirements of EN14620 and BS7777 Part 3 for flat-bottomed, vertical, cylindrical storage tanks in low temperature conditions at a design tempereature.
The Rm/Re value is higher than for standard reinforcing bars which provides further security advantage against hazard loads (earthquake, plain crash).
KRYBAR® is a product of very high ductility even at low design temperature and has still sufficient ductility even on notched bars (simulated damage).

Range of standard diameters: 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, 28 and 32 mm.

  KRYBAR® brochure
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