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Hot-rolled High Strength Low Alloy steels


This is a hot-rolled low-alloy steel with low carbon content and a fine-grain structure, which provides greater mechanical characteristics, good formability, and excellent weldability.

It is especially suited to mechanically welded structural parts due to its low carbon content, the bending or forming, and also the consistency and reliability of its mechanical characteristics. The stronger mechanical characteristics enable substantial weight reduction to be achieved as a result of decreased thickness.

It is available in sheet or coiled steel in thicknesses of 1.50mm to 16mm and widths of 80cm to 215cm for unpickled hot-rolled steel, and in thicknesses of 1.50mm to 10mm and widths of 80cm to 213cm for pickled hot-rolled steel.

It is joined by welding, riveting, or adhesive bonding.

Options: unpickled or oiled and pickled, can be protected using a thin dry organic film (Easyfilm®).


  Technical sheet ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe
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