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Steels with aluminium-silicon coating Alusi®


Steel with an aluminium-silicium coating.

This is a cold-rolled steel coated with an aluminium-silicium alloy applied using a continuous hot-dip process, which offers strong resistance to oxidisation even at temperatures up to 650°C, corrosion and chemical stress.

It produces mild steels for bending and drawing and resistance steels.

It is available in the form of sheets and coils with thicknesses from 0.30mm to 2.95mm and widths from 80cm to 152cm depending on the substrate used. 

Coating thicknesses range from AS50 (8.5µ per side) to AS200 (34µ per side).

It is joined by welding, clinching, or adhesive bonding.

Options: passivation, oiling.

Can be protected with a thin dry organic film (Easyfilm®).

  Technical sheet ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe
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