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Cofraplus - Open-rib composite floor decks

Cofraplus floor decks are made up of trapezoidal steel sheets with open ribs ans specific embossment to ensure the composite action with concrete. Thanks to their geometry they are stackable for easy storage, the sheets can be pre-punched to pass the shear connectors of composite beams. Cofraplus is the best solution for most uses involving spans up to 4.5 m.

The web-based design tool Cofra5 is free of charge and assists you in the calculation of our composite floor solutions - see link on the right.

Cofraplus 60 guarantees economical transportation and quick installation. The deck is normally manufactured from 0.75mm gauge steel, but also available in 0,88 mm and 1.00 mm. The profile os designed for medium spans (up to 3.60m) without props over 2 continuous bays, and a total slab thicknesses of 100 to 280 mm.

Cofraplus 77 benefits from the advantages of the Cofraplus range and takes its performance further. With Thicknesses of 0.75 mm, 0.88 mm and 1.00 mm it takes its performance further.

• It exceeds unpropped spans in the construction stage up to 4.20 m over two continuous bays
• At an equivalent applied load, it exceeds greater spans in the composite stage and can be laid with slabs with a thickness of 120 to 280 mm.



  • The floor deck serves as a horizontal wind brace and contributes to the stability of the entire building.
  • It is a safe working platform before the concrete pouring.
  • Cofraplus profiles can be made of pre-painted steel.
  • The shape of the ribs ensures perfect connection with the concrete.
  • The reinforcement of the floor deck often makes further span reinforcement unnecessary.
  • Without additional reinforcement the composite floors have a fire resistance of 30 minutes.
  • Substantial savings can be achieved in construction time & weight.
  • Since Cofraplus can be installed manually no cranes are necessary on site.
  • Easy handling and quick installation guarantee the flexibility required in renovation works.
  • The use of composite floor systems allows irregular shapes, curves and special floor openings.
  • The reduced weight facilitates dismanteling and recycling at the end of a building's service life.
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