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Cofradal 200 - Integrated floors

Cofradal 200 is an integrated floor system made of steel, thermal insulation, reinforcement and concrete. Two to three times lighter than conventional concrete floors, it provides a high load capacity and and bridge long spans economically without additional support.

This system easily achieves optimum values for insulation, acoustics and fire resistance. The raw concrete surface can be used immediately for the foundations of the floor covering. Ceilings and roofs of industrial, commercial, office and residential buildings, infrastructure objects, public buildings, schools and sports halls…

As Cofradal Decibel with a perforated steel liner, this integrated floor system provides outstanding acoustic performance: it absorbs sound without any additional installations.


- up to 60% weight savings
- impact on main structure
- quick and easy installation
- spans up to 7,5 m without props
- aesthetical bottom view
- Flat underneath in coated steel
- high acoustic performance
- good thermal performance
- Diaphragm action
- easy fixing of service installations

1. Steel liner 2. Insulation 3. Steel mesh 4. Concrete

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