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Cofraplus 220 - Additive steel deck

Advanced Floor Design for extended performance

Easy installation at high speed and outstanding resistance at reduced weight are the main features of this new system particularly suited to all column-beam structure projects without intermediary joists.

1 Composite beam
2 Wing
3 Shear studs
4 Cofraplus 220 profile
5 Z-profile
6 Reinforcing meshes
7 Bending reinforcement in the ribs - if necessary
8 Reinforcement over beam as intermediate support
9 Concrete


WING: floor for steel car parks
COFRAPLUS 220 sits into the steel Wings welded at the workshop and positioned in the web of finished beams. Only the concrete on top of the rib of the profile is overhanging the beam. Shear studs are welded to the upper flange of the beams to create a connection between the slab and the girder which leads to important savings in steel weight.

SLIM FLOOR:  light-gauge floor for multi-storey buildings
COFRAPLUS 220 is positioned into the lower flange of asymmetric beams. The rib crown sits into a “SLIM FLOOR ” connector in order to avoid any seepage of concrete. CoSFB, the composite beam version, is used to connect the slab and the beams and reduces the beam dimensions and the floor depth substantially.

COFRAPLUS 220 is positioned into the steel Wings which are recast into concrete beams or on angle brackets anchored into the oncrete. The result is a substantial height reduction.


  • light weight construction
  • quick installation
  • long spans without props
  • continuous slab systems
  • fast working progress
  • easy manual handling
  • flexibility for rennovation
  • no or reduced reinforcement
  • design support
  • composite slim floor system (CoSFB)
  • clean and safe construction
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