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  Introducing NATURE: ArcelorMittal's new range of sustainable organic coated steels

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Estetic® organic coating for indoor builing

ArcelorMittal's range of Estetic® coatings is suitable for all contemporary interior decoration: ceiling panels, room dividers, decorative walls and lights, as well as for metal furniture, air conditioning units etc.

The range comprises two types of products:

- conventional organic coated steels produced by applying liquid paint to a substrate by means of a continuous process. The coatings used in the Estetic® range are based on thermosetting resins.

- Colaminated steel strips produced by lamination with a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film onto the organic coated steel at the end of the coil coating line.

  Estetic® coating range for indoor building

Estetic® is available in a wide range of colours and surface appearances: smooth, grainy, textured and wrinkled.

  Estetic® colour chart

As part of ArcelorMittal's NATURE range, Estetic® is 100% sustainable and does not contain hexavalent chromium or heavy metals.

  Health & Sustainability Certificate


Estetic® Standard - for general indoor applications like cappings, ceilings, indoor panels, smooth surface

  Estetic® Standard - Technical Data sheet

Estetic® Mat - smooth and wrinkled surfaces with matt appearance for ceilings, indoor panels, doors etc.

  Estetic® Mat - Technical Data sheet

Estetic® Lighting 82- smooth surface and maximum reflectivity for optimal lighting

  Estetic® Lighting 82 - Technical Data sheet

Estetic® BioAir is prepainted steel with a 100% bio-sourced resin for indoor use.

  Estetic® BioAir Mat - Technical Data sheet
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