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Special aesthetic & functional surface properties for indoor applications

The Xcelcoat product range is the result of a close collaboration between ArcelorMittal Gent and the OCAS R&D Centre, which itself is a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and the Flemish region.

The products are distributed through the commercial network of ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe.

Xceldesign and Xcelcolour are based on ETB Technology (Electron Beam Texturing)

is electrogalvanised steel which is first put through a skin pass mill to produce a perfectly uniform surface texture. It is then finished with a transparent organic coating in a bronze of anthracite colour. The result is a very decorative steel sheet.

Xceldesign: is based on the use of EBT technology to apply a relief pattern to the skin pass roll. This pattern can be anything, checked or flower design, logos, tec. After that, the steel is finished with a durable organic coating wich can be coloured or colourless.

Xcellook: is electrogalvanized carbon steel with a brushed finish which makes it practically identical with stainless steel. Since carbon steel has a softer surface than stainless steel, a special brushing technology was developed to get the same result. After bruching, an environmentally freindly, durable, transparent coating is applied which also imitates perfectly the colour of stainless steel.

These 3 products offer a lot of possibilities for applications where aesthetics plays an important role.

Furthermore, they are 100% sustainable and belong to ArcelorMittal's NATURE range.

  Health and Sustainability Certificate
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