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TO: rounded (scale) meshes

Dimensions TK mesh:
- Lenghth: 150mm
- Width: 60mm
- Steel thickness: 3 - 4mm

Used material:
- unalloyed steel qualitative (DC01, DC 04, DD 11 etc.);
- unalloyed steel with higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion (Corten etc.);
- corrosion-proof and fireproof steel (1.4301, 1.4845);
- metal plate galvanized electroplated (DX51D – DX53D);
- nonferrous metal and its alloy (brass, bronze, copper, titanium, zinc etc.).

Dimensional Norm VP426305
Technical Delivery Regulations VP42 0205

– Additionally straightened;
– Rolled expanded metal- suitable and budget-prices substitution of punched expanded metal;
– With additional hot galvanized surface finish (min. mesh size A=42 mm, the plate thick. S=1,5mm);
– Generally straightened;
– end cutted, not end cutted, inflexion according to required form.

Attention: Please consult us for availability and minimum order quantity.

  Examples of Expanded Metal - TO


Expanded metal is a very elegant and sophisticated material that can be used in architecture for interiors, exteriors and construction.

Applicable for:
– Various architectural elements
– Fliers
– Floor framings
– Fences
– Covers
– Grills
– Reinforcements
– Suspension Ceiling Grid
– etc.

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