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Tear or Bulb embossed steel floor plates

Hot-rolled Teardrop / Bulb steel plates. The embossed relief gives the steel plate anti-slip properties, whether the environment is dry, greasy or damp. Embossing comes in two forms: tears (Inland or DIN type) with thicknesses from 1.6 to 19mm, or ridges, with thickness from 3 to 8mm and relief height from 1 to 2mm.

Moreover, it is an extremely hardwearing surface that shows excellent resistance to wear due to the passage of vehicles, abrasion and impacts, and is also popular with designers for decorative uses.

On request, ArcelorMittal's embossed floor plate is also available in Indaten® 355A, which is a weathering grade with good atmospheric corrosion resistance.

The relief is in the form of ridges 2.5cm laterally and 5.2cm longitudinally, or tears from 6 to 10mm laterally and from 2 to 3cm longitudinally depending on the finish.

Dimensions: Finished tear (Inland or DIN type) from 1.6 to 19mm thick and from 60 to 213mm wide, or finished ridged from 3 to 8mm thick and from 100 to 150cm wide with a relief height from 1 to 2mm.


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