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Solano® Nature

Pure and robust, as required by nature

Solano® Nature is a robust, flexible and corrosion resistant organic coated steel specifically developed for roof and wall cladding applications in demanding environments, including industrial and coastal.

Solano® Nature is a phthalate-free, chromate-free and heavy metal-free paint  system of 200 μm, combined with a hot dip galvanised or galfan substrate.


  • Robust 200 μm organic coating
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Highly flexible
  • Leathergrain pattern
  • Free of chromates and heavy metals

Many plastisol organic coated steel can be found on the market, but only Solano® Nature is able to provide a full chromate and heavy metal free solution, combining a high performing paint and a galvanised or galfan  substrate.

  Solano® Nature - Technical data sheet

Solano® Nature uses state-of-the-art thermoplastic paint technology with improved UV resistance. It has been repeatedly exposed to natural weathering elements – e.g. light, water and temperature. These tests have proven its suitability for most of continental and oceanic Europe areas.

Solano® Nature fully complies with European RUV3 classification (European standard EN 10169/2) with regards to UV radiation.


Solano® Nature is available in 21 colours, robustness and luxury design are assured by the embossed pattern.

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