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Pflaum FR: rock wool roofing panel

The search for an optical interplay of façade and roofing is a design and construction challenge for architects.

Pflaum FR roofing panels open up new options through complex, strongly inclined and even shapes and expand the limits of design for structures.

Pflaum roof panels also comply with all top fire protection requirements.


Panel structure
External & Internal Cover Shell: Galvanised steel 0.55/ 0.60/ 0,63/
0.75 mm according to EN 10147 (275g/m2 zinc).

Insulation core
Mineral fibre strands bonded transversely to the steel surfaces, water-repellent and non-inflammable, class A1. Density ≥ 140 kg/m3.

Sealing tape
For tongue and groove joint, depending on fire resistance classification.

External and internal:
Corrosion protection class according to DIN EN 10169, RC3/RC4 Polyester coating 25 microns or PVF2 25 microns. Plastisol and special coating on request.
Internal: Polyester coating 15 microns or Hard PVC foil coating150 microns.
Basic colours: Only available for steel 0,60 mm with polyester coating. RAL 9002, RAL 9006, RAL 9007, RAL 9010, RAL 1015, RAL 7016.

Surface Protection:  To process the Pflaum fire protection panel, the element is delivered with a protective foil on one side. Inside optionally available.

Cover Widths
FO/FOM: 600, 915, 1000, 1100 and 1200 mm / FI: 600, 915,1000 and 1100 mm

Lengths: Standard lengths of up to 14,500 mm depending on element thickness.

Due to the surface contours you have to add 3 mm to the standard thickness from 35 to 200 mm for panels of the types LD, VD, MD and WD. (e.g. type FO-WD/0/100 = 103 mm).

National approvals, examination certificates and attestations are available on request. Requirements concerning fire resistance class must
be quoted in your inquiry.

Tolerances: Quality assurance according to EN 14509.
Fire Behaviour: A2-s1,dO
Accreditaion: DIBt Z-104-109

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