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Hacierco profiles are offered in a wide range of dimensions and can be used with a finished surface type seal or with a finished surface of metal roofing (standing seam, ribbed plate,...) or for green roofing systems.

Technical details are provided according to its use.

With its different shapes and colours Hacierco offers many possibilities as far as aesthetics  is concerned.

Up to 7m spans can be conceived without purlins.

Hacierco 34/258

Hacierco 40/250

Hacierco 56/222

Hacierco 74/256

Hacierco 80/260

Hacierco 85/280

Hacierco 96/250

Hacierco 100/275

Hacierco 105/345

Hacierco 106/250

Hacierco 107/339

Hacierco 109/333

Hacierco 118/317

Hacierco 135/310

Hacierco 150/280

Hacierco 160/250

Hacierco 170/250

Hacierco 200/420

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