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Ekinoxe® - Integrated photovoltaic roof solution

The patented solution Ekinoxe is a complete technical offer of integrated photovoltaic roofs in addition to a range of services covering all the elements involved in photovoltaic projects.

The applications
Ekinoxe® is primarily aimed at the non-residential market (new-build or renovation) and is particularly well suited to industrial and tertiary buildings. The system can also be adapted to the most stringent environmental and regulatory constraints, especially in the agricultural or institutional sectors: Corrosive atmosphere, hygrometry, fire, thermal, acoustic.

Ekinoxe profile cross section

• Solution tailored to your needs/turnkey: a single supplier for the whole system
• High output crystalline technology
• Natural ventilation of the modules through soffit for optimised annual electricity production
• Maximum surface output: 140 Wp/m²
• Quick, simple installation
• System compliant with Electrical (UTE C15 712) and Construction (DTU 40 35) standards
• Easy and economical insurability
• Maximum durability thanks to carefully selected components
• Isodrain® condensation regulation (agricultural application)
• Equipment guarantees (Roof covering 10 years (option for 20 years), Modules 5 years and Inverters up to 20 years)
• Energy production guarantee: 90% over 12 years and 80% over 25 years
• Integrated system


Photovoltaic module (Suntech)
- Monocrystalline or polycrystalline type
- “Plug-and-play” cabling
- Optimum processing of induction loops
- Factory integration
(See the brochure for sizes and power)

Inverters (SMA)
The solutions we propose are balanced over 3 phases for three-phase injection.

Electrical cabinet
- Pre-cabled for inverters
- Breaker switch with visible cut-out
- Differential switch
- General lightning arrestor
- Three-phase distribution

Steel profile
- Premium quality, ArcelorMittal high tensile steel
- High performance covering 60μ

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