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Kalypso® - Integrated photovoltaic roof solution

Kalypso®, a watertight and insulated roof system, transforms sunlight into direct current electricity. An inverter changes the electricity from DC to AC. The power created can be stored in batteries, sold to the electrical grid or consumed by the producer.

The Kalypso® System
The unique and worldwide patented Kalypso® photovoltaic system can be used to construct all kinds of sloped roofs, from small private housing units to large commercial buildings.
All components have an extended maintenance free service life and are well known and approved construction products. Buy the full system from one single source!

Insulated Roof

Solartherm® injected sandwich panels are forming the insulated and water tight roof. Fast installed with a wide range of standard accessories, Solartherm® is the easy way to economic and long lasting roofing. Available in many colours and coating systems, Kalypso® will achieve also the architectural needs.

Solar Power Station
Photovoltaic cells integrated in corrosion free framed modules are fixed by a patented supporting rail on Solartherm® roof panels providing optimum ventilation for better electrical efficiency. Each module is fully equipped with cables, connectors and the relevant number and type of inverters.


Highly efficient crystalline silicon modules (regardless of the size of the secondary structure of the building)

• Reliable, complete and approved system
• Maximum surface output: 140 Wp/m²
• Maximum durability thanks to components’ quality:
- Highly resistant ArcelorMittal steel
- High performance 60μ coating
- SMA inverters
- Suntech modules

• Innovative and patented Ondafix® fixation rail
• Large choice of colours
• Very quick, easy, and economical mounting
• No perforation of the sandwich panel during installation
• Very limited yield losses thanks to full plate ventilation

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