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Steel Sections and Merchant Bars

Structural steel shapes, columns, profiles, beams, merchant bars, channels, castellated beams, steel girders, cellular beams, round and flat section bars for metallic building frames.

Composite Beams and Columns

Composite construction, the combination of steel and concrete, optimises the performance of both materials.

Hollow sections - Tubes & Pipes

Round, square and rectangle hollow elements for structural applications in construction.

Light gauge steel profiles

Light steel profiles for building frames or other kinds of support structure.

Welded beams

Built-up sections for special applications in construction and civil engineering: a great variety standar and tailor-made solutions.

Sheets and heavy plates for structures

Hot rolled and cold rolled steels, stainless steels, heavy plates and atmospheric corrosion resistant steels for structural applications.

Coatings for structural steels

Different metallic coatings for the protection of any kind of steel structures.

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