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StyltechTM is a construction system comprising steel frames and roof frames and involve the optimised use of light-gauge components in galvanised high-yield steel.

They are primarily intended for the loadbearing steel structures in the residential sector, in particular for detached, semi-detached or terraced single- or two-storey houses.

The structural guarantees provided relate to earthquake- and hurricane-resistance parameters, as well as taking account of rules relating to snow and wind. They assure you that the structure complies with the regulations in force.

Each structure is computer-designed and drawn. This provides highly reliable manufacture, bespoke production and remarkably rapid processing.

The StyltechTM concept is based on the assembly of a range of sections (12 to 14 cm wide depending on the project) - see picture.

Fully engineered in advance, the StyltechTM system guarantees that costs and timeframes are mastered from the design phase of your project.

Designed to last
These sections constitute the rigid elements of the frame. Steel, a non-combustible material, impervious to attack by pests (termites, fungi, etc.) provides the structure with exceptional durability. Protection by galvanising also protects it against corrosion.

Attention to detail
Using the plans supplied by the architect, the «Housing Structures» department, ArcelorMittal's engineering team, conducts a computerised echnical analysis and proposes a custom-made grid, tailored to the dimensions of the project. Execution drawings are provided, detailing the assembly of the structure and its erection.

Simplified assembly
The sections are delivered with identification markings in accordance with the assembly drawing.

Assembly of the walls and roof frame is performed in the horizontal position, either on the site slab or on a prefabrication table in the factory, thus eliminating any need for improvisation.

StyltechTM protects you from the unexpected
Strong and safe, steel is the safety material par excellence. Windbracing of the wall is provided by strips arranged in the form a St. Andrew’s cross, or by a steel facade panel fixed horizontally on the external face of the frame. StyltechTM structures are inherently hurricane- and earthquake-resistant and comply with the standards in force in mainland France (Seismic Zones 1 to 4) at no additional cost. They are easily adaptable for zone 5 (Overseas).

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