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SFB - Asymetric Slim floor beam

SFB beams

Surface condition:
According to EN 10163-3: 2004, class C, subclass 1

The range of asymmetric beams has wider, reinforced, welded lower flanges onto which floor elements can be laid.
By optimising usable spaces, asymmetric beams incorporated into the floor provide signifi cant height gains and allow one or more additional floors to be built.
This system also allows air ducts and services to be easily routed, while complying with fire regulations.

Designed to be incorporated into the ceiling, this reliable and economic combination of prefabricated components opens up a whole range of new design opportunities for the architect and remains very competitive for spans of approximately 8 to 10 metres.

These prefabricated elements:
- reduce design costs,
- reduce assembly times,
- reduce structural weight.

This solution is primarily used in car parks and multi-storey office buildings.

  SFB Beam - Dimensions and Properties


Developed and offered by the ArcelorMittal group, the “Slim Floor” system is a fast, innovative and economical solution which marries cellular concrete slabs with built-in steel beams. The secret of the design is a special kind of girder with a lower flange which is wider than the upper flange. This arrangement makes it possible to fit the floor slabs directly onto the lower flange plate of the beam, so that the two constituents thus make up the floor.

Created to eliminate beam downstands at the level of the floor slabs, this reliable and economic prefabricated component unit gives the architect new scope for imagination and guaranteed economy for working spans of up to 8 metres.

The reduced height of the slabs and the advantage of a considerable degree of fire resistance make for maximum freedom in creativity.

A good alternative to the concrete slab would be the use of a floor on a Cofradal® 200 steel tray.

Eich clinic, Luxembourg

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