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Angelina TM - Castellated steel beam with sinusoidal openings

Sleek, open, transparent and flexible, the Angelina TM beam offers a new architectural dimension within an environmentallyfriendly approach. Thanks to a reduced production time and substantial material savings, Angelina TM meets the economic requirements of your projects, while ensuring optimum safety.

Made from H or I beams cut through the web along a sinusoidal line with the two T-sections then being offset and welded together, the resulting Angelina TM beam is one and a half times the height of the original profile.

  Angelina Beam - Dimensions and Properties
  Notations and formulae

ANGELINA TM's advantages for the roofing supports :

- Span optimisation from 10 to 50 m,
- Increase the efficacity of the relation capacity/weight,
- From 25 to 30% of lightening compare to the standard beams,
- Manufacturing cost reduced
- Implementation time reduced due to lighter products.

ANGELINA TM's advantages for the slab ratio :

- Span optimisation from 10 to 50 m,
- More free space under the roof, with an optimisation of the volume,
- More flexibility, with possibility to reeve pipes through the beams,
- Lightening of the framework due to the shapeless beams.

  Angelina beam - Predesign charts


ArcelorMittal was awarded a gold medal for the Angelina TM beam it unveiled at the 2007 Batimat construction fair, the world’s most important building and construction fair organised every two years in Paris.

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