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Arcorox® weathering steel for structures

Weathering steel grade for sustainable, decorative and costefficient structures with uncoated steel sections

Arcorox® structural shapes belong to a family of atmospheric corrosion resistant, low alloy steels for sustainable applications with focus on long service life with low maintenance costs.

By initially forming a natural, tightly adherent, protective oxide layer (patina), it strongly reduces further oxidation and thus supersedes the application of any corrosion protection system.

Therefore, along with aesthetic possibilities, Arcorox® provides durable construction even in the absence of initial painting, which enables savings thanks to:

• Reduced construction cost along with construction time;
• Reduced cost of maintenance as well as time of maintenance operation;
• No environmental impact due to absence of maintenance operations and residue.

Esthetically Arcorox uniquely suits to each building: Appearance, texture and maturity of the patina depending on time, degree of exposure and atmospheric environment.

  Arcorox®: Mechanical properties & chemical composition

Example of colors, for different exposure conditions

  Arcorox® Leaflet
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