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HISTAR® AND FRITENAR® - Structural high yield strength steels

HISTAR steels are structural grades with a low alloy content, combining high strength, good toughness and superior weldability.

When compared to standard structural steels, HISTAR grades feature improved guaranteed mechanical characteristics over the whole range of product thicknesses. In order to best suit the different applications, HISTAR grades are available with guaranteed toughnesses down to -20° C and down to -50° C.

The high yield strength, good toughness at low temperatures and excellent weldability of HISTAR® and FRITENAR® steels make them a cost-effective choice in the design of multi-storey buildings and large span trusses.

HISTAR® steels are available in yield strengths of 355 MPa and 460 MPa, FRITENAR® steels are available in 355 MPa.

The yield strengths of HISTAR® steels used in the construction industry have improved characteristics over the whole product thickness range.

Compared with basic steels, these exceptional mechanical properties can reduce construction weight by 25-50 % depending on structural lay-out and naturally provide high strength and exceptional durability.

The HISTAR® and FRITENAR® steel grades in Table 5 are in compliance with EN 10225: 2001 as well as the HISTAR® and FRITENAR® steel grades for off-shore applications in Table 8.

  HISTAR® & FRITENAR®: Mechanical properties
  HISTAR® and FRITENAR®: steel grades for offshore applications

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