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CoSFB - Composite SlimFloor Beam

The CoSFB (= Composite Slim-Floor Beam), a new development from ArcelorMittal, combines the advantages of composite design with traditional slim-floor construction.

The connection between in-situ concrete and the hot rolled steel section is assured by concrete dowels. These dowels are openings in the web of the steel section, penetrated by reinforced concrete.

Thanks to this innovative shear connection the composite action is assured without an increase of the construction height!

Due to the composite action the stiffness and robustness of the structure is significantly be increased. In addition CoSFB fulfills the requirements for fire resistance classes R60 and R90 (R120) without any passive fire protection. CoSFB is an economic solution for sustainable construction.

Typical application range of CoSFB is beam span from 8m up to 14m, with a construction height of only 40cm and a beam distance up to 10m. CoSFB fits perfectly to the demands of modern architecture to long spans.

  German Technical Approval for CoSFB shear connectors

The efficient and resource-saving use of steel and concrete can be employed even more efficiently when combined with the Cofraplus 220® profiled metal sheet developed by ArcelorMittal.

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