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StyltechTM Evolution

A logical extension of the StyltechTM process, Styltech EvolutionTM expands the scope of application to larger projects like communal housing and commercial buildings It is based on the principle of compact «Post and Beam» construction.

Styltech EvolutionTM is particularly suited to residential or commercial buildings up to 5 storeys (subject to conditions), with or without habitable roof space.

In compliance with the regulations in force, Styltech EvolutionTM structures are also the subject of a systematic design calculation in accordance with the Eurocodes.

For renovation and extension
The lightweight Styltech EvolutionTM System is particularly effective for the renovation of facades, for rooftop extensions on existing buildings and for horizontal extensions.

In all cases, cost control by the use of a fast, industrialised process makes your project economic and competitive.

Styltech EvolutionTM affords the benefit of a holistic service, identical to the StyltechTM process:

- lightweight
- can be tailored to the existing structure
- no underpinning work
- no damage to the immediate surroundings
- no requirement for special lifting equipment
- perfect in the event of difficult site access

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